The science of biorhythm asserts that each of us is born with the influence of internal cycles, each beginning its effect on the day of our birth. The three distinct cycles are: physical, emotional, and intellectual. Another cycle which is recognized is that of intuition. Each cycle completes itself in a set number of days. They each begin at "zero" and form a sine wave, gradually moving upward, reaching its peak during the time the cycle reaches 25% completion, moving back downward toward the "zero" line, or critical point, which it crosses at the 50% mark, continuing its downward journey until it reaches the lowest point at 75% at which point it then climbs back upward toward the critical point or "zero" line and begins the cycle again.

Biorhythm Cycles Graph

The physical cycle, which denotes such factors as health, resistance to infection/disease, strength, coordination, physiological function, and the overall feeling of well-being, completes its cycle in 23 days. The emotional cycle which determines the capacity for creativity, sensitivity, mood, perceptions, mental agility, and has some bearing on the sex of children conceived during the various phases of the cycle, completes itself in 28 days. The intellectual cycle which regulates memory, alertness, ability to learn, and logical and analytical thought processes, has a length of 33 days. The intuitional cycle governs unconscious perception, hunches, instincts, and sixth sense; it lasts 38 days.

Obtaining a biorhythm chart allows you to have a visual representation of where each of your biophysical cycles are at on any given day. This allows you to prepare for possible obstacles or take advantage of any natural peaks.


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