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1. The act or art of knowing the future or that which is hidden or unknown. 2. Inspired insight or intuition.

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts of spirituality is the act of divination. People often have a negative connotation of divinatory tools, associating their practice with that of witchcraft, voodoo, or even satanism. Divination involves the Divine: God. Those who refuse to believe that God can communicate with us in forms other than the widely-accepted methods (Bible, prayer, meditation, worship), are not only demonstrating ignorance, but also putting limitations on the power of God. Those who claim that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and Whose wisdom surpasses all understanding should accept without hesitation that God is present in everything. When we call upon God to guide us and help us, we should not limit His answers to strict religious confines. For instance, the use of Tarot cards for guidance and insight regarding future events is not practicing magic, but opening the door for Divine intervention in our lives. The cards tell a story of a fool who begins a journey and experiences the many facets of life along the way, bringing him wisdom and fulfilling his mission. It tells the story of life. When we consult the Tarot cards for guidance, it is not done in a spirit of godlessness. We pray for God's guidance and the guidance of angels and spirit guides to lead us to answers that will enable us to see ourselves more clearly and take the necessary steps to get beyond our struggles, gain wisdom and insight, and trust that God will guide us along the path which fulfills His will for us. Opening ourselves to trust that God is with us and leads us to answers to help us is not an act of evil, it is an act of faith.

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